Dear Michael,

As I have been recovering from a minor illness I have been spending a great deal of time on my laptop watching the Little Miss Perfect pageants and other similar programs.


As a Canadian we do not experience the same pageant fever as our American neighbours seem to so much enjoy. It has been entertaining to watch these beautiful children and the antics of some of their parents.


The reason I am sending you this brief note today is to say that I appreciate the effort you make to make EACH child seem special. Your caring and interest comes across as very genuine and it is very refreshing.


As I have watched LMP and several episodes of Toddlers an Tiaras I am quick to make comparisons between pageant directors, contestants and parents. The way you interact with parents, children and judges inspires confidence in me as a viewer. I feel that your pageants are honest and that every single child has an equal chance to shine and to win unlike some other pageants I have been watching. This validates an industry that is often criticized and condemned by society. I feel your pageants have achieved a great balance rewarding a child for their looks, their brains and their talent.


My own daughters never competed in pageants but did compete in dance and as a parent of a child who competes it is always important to feel that event directors and the judging panel are honest and fair. After watching several episodes of Little Miss Perfect your panel comes across as extremely fair minded and level headed. I particularly like the way the judges discuss the girls as you tabulate the results, their feedback is always done with tact and shows they really do pay close attention to each contestant.


I enjoy watching your work with the Little Miss Perfect organization. I am sure those girls will remember your encouragement and direction for the rest of their lives and remember you as someone special. What a lovely legacy.



Cheryl Gregory Cambridge,

Ontario Canada