Hello and Welcome to the 2012 National
Citrus Pageant and Model Search:

Thank you for registering for this year’s event! This year we must limit the number of contestants to 35 contestants in each of the 12 age divisions, so congratulations, you are in the competition and I look forward to working with you. I have attached the schedule, location, and all of the details you will need for the weekend. Please take the time to read all of the information and remember we are only a telephone call at 954-322-0312 or e-mail away: director@littlemisscitrus.com to answer any and all of your questions. The paperwork is very detailed, we suggest that you read it over carefully and make many notes. Preparation is the key to success.

Complete the online application by clicking the following links:
Citrus APPLICATION: http://www.littlemisscitrus.com/signup.htm
FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS application: http://www.littlemisscitrus.com/bluejeansapp.htm
TALANT application: http://www.littlemisscitrus.com/talentapp.htm

Please visit the page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Citrus-Pageant-and-Model-Search/281648211845487, it is fun to meet others who will be competing with you. I guarantee that these new acquaintances will be friends for life! Post a message and your child’s picture too on the face book page! I look forward to seeing you showcased on face book. I will always post pageant updates too.

MODELING PATTERNS: The modeling pattern for the formal wear/beauty competition is a T formation. The modeling pattern for Citrus Wear is open/free style, you may do whatever you like on the stage. KEEP IN MIND THE TIME LIMIT IS 90 SECONDS OR LESS FOR BOTH CITRUS WEAR AND FORMAL WEAR/BEAUTY. YOU WILL BE TIMED. YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN MUSIC FOR CITRUS WEAR, IF YOU DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN MUSIC FOR CITRUS WEAR, WE WILL PROVIDE UPBEAT AND FUN MUSIC. We provide the formal wear/beauty music, it is slow, regal, and elegant.

PAGEANT LOCATION: The pageant location is Florida Hotel and Conference Center, http://www.thefloridahotelorlando.com/ 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32509. Please call and reserve your room as soon as possible, you may call 407-859-1500, you must book by January 17, 2012, call sooner as space is limited. Let them know that you are with the Citrus Pageant to receive your discounted room rate. Keep in mind that the hotel is connected to Florida’s largest shopping destination and there is literally a food court outside the ballroom area, the food court cuts down on dining expenses. Call and book your room today!!

ADVERTISEMENT PAGES: Although not required, we ask that each of you purchase one advertisement page, it helps to support the pageant. The cost of the page is $125.00 and purchasing a page could be a way for you to make $175.00. For example, If you can secure 10 sponsors to give you a business card for say, $30.00 each, that is a total of $300.00. The ad costs $125.00 and you would keep $175.00 for your other pageant related expenses.
EACH CHILD WHO SELLS AN ADVERTISEMENT PAGE WILL RECEIVE A CROWN AND BE CROWNED ON STAGE ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2012. If you sell 5 or more pages, you could be crowned Citrus Cover Girl or Boy, read the information packet for details. If you need assistance with ad page creation, composite or portfolio creation or retouching, please e-mail Stacy Gunn at info@stacygunnphotography.com

HAIR/MAKE-UP: Thus far, the hair and make-up artists who have registered with the National Office are the following:
Elizabeth Everett at 352-457-5237 or lizrevolution@aol.com
Tiffany Johnson at 407-474-1416 or info@tiffanymjohnson.com
Troy Douglas and Amanda, Hair and Make-up by Glam Squad at 859-583-9018 or affnationals@aol.com
Teresa Yee at 949-525-5887 or tereseayee@sbcglobal.net
If you would like to be added to the vendor list, call the office at 954-322-0312.

TANNING: Thus far, the spray tanning specialists who have registered with the National Office are the following:
Serita Morgan of Tiki Tans at 352-408-9164 or info@tiffanymjohnson.com
Troy Douglas and Amanda at 859-583-9018 or affnationals@aol.com
If you would like to be added to the vendor list, call the office at 954-322-0312.

OVERALL TITLES: New to the National Citrus Pageant, we are offering 2 overall titles (0-6 years and 7 and up years) who will win beautiful crown, banner, trophy, a $2000.00 bond or $1000.00 cash prize. In order to be eligible for the overall titles, one must register and pay for all 8 optional categories, we will drop the 2 lowest optional scores and add the 6 remaining optional scores to your interview, citrus wear, and formal wear/beauty total score to determine the 2 overall Kings or Queens.

It is appreciated and suggested for you to send paperwork/payment in as soon as possible, preferably before the Holidays so that we can be as organized as possible for the 2012 National Citrus Pageant and Model Search! What we need is the following:
Picture for the Program Book, Entry Fee, Mandatory Pageant Fee, Application(s), Advertisement Page(s), and enrollment/payment for Optional Competitions, please refer to paperwork for complete listing or Optional Competitions.

Payments may be made by calling 954-322-0312 for a credit card payment or PayPal at director@littlemisscitrus.com. To mail a check or money order, please mail to

Citrus Productions,
3251 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 441
Hollywood, FL 33021

please do not wait until the last minute. Please e-mail pictures and advertisement pages to director@littlemisscitrus.com

This is the first of 3 News Letters, so that we may keep you all informed about any updates and reminders about everything CITRUS!

Happy Holidays to all! I look forward to working with you.

Michael Galanes, National Pageant Director
Citrus Productions
3251 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 441
Hollywood, FL 33021
Telephone: (954)322-0312 Fax: (954)322-0313