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Congratulations to Our 2016
National Kings and Queens!

2016 National Little
Miss & Mister Baby Citrus Court:

2012 Citrus Court
0-11 months National Queen:  Brielle Winters
12-23 months National Queen:  Davina Mason
0-35 months National King:
 Beaux Dice
2-3 years National Queen:
 Taylin Dalton
3-6 years National King:
 Adrian Martos
4-6 years National Queen:
 Bailey Sheridan
0-6 years National Overall Queen:
 Elin Kilpatrick

2016 National Little Miss, Mister, Teen,
Miss and Ms. Citrus Court:

2012 Citrus Court
0-11 months:  Brielle Winters
0-6 years National Overall Queen:
 Elin Kilpatrick
4-6 years National Queen:
 Bailey Sheridan
 7-9 years National Queen:
 Madison Hemingway
7 years and up: National King:
 Carlos Cabrera
10-12 years National Queen:
 Aileen Quintero
13-15 years National Queen:
 Madison Novo
16-19 years National Queen:
 Caurissa Nevy
20-29 years National Queen:  Natalie Dubuc

30 years – Up: Ms. Citrus:

 Dedra Curtis
7 years & up National Overall Queen:  Brianna Avelar

2016 National Citrus Perfect Queens:
2012 Citrus Court
 8–12 years:
 Gabriella Figueredo
13–15 years:
 Veronica Delgado
16-19 years:
 Taylor Young
20–29 years:
 Katie Nordoff

30 years – Up:

 Dedra Curtis


At the annual National Citrus Pageant (held annually in February), each contestant must compete in the age division as of the contestant’s age as of January 23 of the competition year. Please note: At any Citrus Preliminary Pageant, each contestant shall compete in the age division as of the contestant’s age the day of the actual Citrus Preliminary Pageant.

Citrus Theme Song

The Little Miss and Mister Citrus Pageant is celebrating 22 years of creating quality pageants for the children, where in every little boy and girl lives a prince or princess! Hair and Make-up for the National Pageant will be light and pretty! In Citrus Productions quest to combine the world of modeling and pageants, we are looking for children who look like children! The lights are bright and we understand some need for the light make-up so that the children may shine, like on BROADWAY or a TV Commercial. Hairstyles should be child appropriate. Citrus Productions understands that some children may wear the extensions or wiglets, that is OK, but the overall look should be age appropriate! Could the child appear in a commercial for a grape juice or on the cover of Parenting Magazine? True glitz or natural dresses are OK, fit and overall appearance of the child will be scored!

Nothing will change with the Citrus Wear Competition! This competition is the signature event of the pageant! The colors must be canary yellow, orange and/or lime green! The outfit may be a costume, sportswear, swimwear, or any other creative outfit that maintains the citrus colors!

The hair/make-up/beauty attire is an adjustment within the Citrus organization, we welcome any questions you may have concerning hair/make-up/wardrobe at the annual Little Miss, Mister, and Teen Citrus Pageant! The e-mail address is and the telephone number is (407) 761-1145.