Forever in Blue Jeans
2016 Winners | Application

forever in blue jeans
Thursday, Febraury 2, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm Competition Begins

Check-In Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Citrus Productions is presenting “Forever in Blue Jeans” Competition.
Each contestant competes in denim wear! One piece of your outfit must be denim.
The music will be an upbeat sportswear-type music.

The age categories are the following:
Age as of January 23 the year of competition

0-11 months
12-23 months
2-3 years
4-6 years
7-9 years
10-12 years
13-15 years
16-19 years
20 and UP years GIRLS/MS.

0-35 months
3-6 years
7 years and up

Winners receive trophy, sash and custom design crown with sapphire stones.

Florida Hotel and Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32509
(407) 859-1500

Entry Fee is $50.00
or 2 outfits for $75.00
Age as of January 23, 2017. Complete entry form and mail in to the
pageant office or bring to pageant check-in.
Tickets are $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children (ages 6-13 years)
and children 5 years and under are free.

Apply Online!

AGE DIVISIONS: At the annual National Citrus Pageant (held annually in February), each contestant must compete in the age division as of the contestant’s age as of January 23 of the competition year. Please note: At any Citrus Preliminary Pageant, each contestant shall compete in the age division as of the contestant’s age the day of the actual Citrus Preliminary Pageant.

There are no refunds on any entry fees, misc. services and/or items purchased at any of the pageants/workshops/lessons under Citrus Productions,
8000 West Broward Blvd, Suite 1210, Plantation, FL 33388

to your 2016 Forever in Blue Jeans Competition Winners!
Each contestant had to incorporate America’s favorite fabric: DEMIN into their outfit and model the runway! The competition takes place 2 days before the 2016 National Citrus Pageant and is a great way to begin the Citrus Weekend.

2007 Miss Citrus court

Announcing the 2016 National Forever in Blue Jeans
Kings and Queens:

0-11 months:  Brielle Winters
12-13 months:  Emma Martos
0-35 months Boys:  Carson Wagner*
2-3 years:  Kaydence Roxanne
3–6 years Boys:  Brooks Deysher
4-6 years:  Elin Kilpatrick
7-9 years:  Giavanna Lylerly
7-Up Boys:  Austin Allhouse
10-12 years:  Brianna Avelar
13-15 years:  Sydney Austrup
16-19 years:  Kaitlyn Matheson
20-29 years:  Natalie Dubuc
30 years and up:  Star Herbig

*not pictured

Forever In Blue Jeans Examples
forever in blue jeans
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